Training Tips

Crate Training

The easiest way of house training a puppy is to use crate training. Dog crates are containers which come in different kinds: plastic, soft fabric or wire mesh. I would recommend the plastic kind. The crate should be large enough that the puppy or dog can enter, lie down and turn around but not large enough that the puppy could defecate in one corner and lie in another.

The crate will become its den which he will not soil. However, if it’s big enough that he can make a den in one corner and have space in another corner which is outside its den, he may soil that other corner. So don’t get one too big or you will defeat your purpose.

When you first bring a young puppy into your house, you need to be prepared and to have time to work on house training. A puppy needs to be taken out every half hour to hour. If you can’t do that, training is going to be difficult.

Times When Your Puppy Needs To Go Outside

There are also various times when a puppy usually needs to go outside:

  • as soon as he wakes up in morning

  • whenever he wakes up from a nap

  • after feeding

  • after drinking

  • after a play session or training session

  • after any excitement

  • before he goes to bed at night.

Signs That Your Puppy Needs To Go Outside

Every puppy will show signs of when he wants to pee or poo. He may start circling or sniffing or backing up. Once you know his sign, you must immediately take him outside.

After the puppy has been outside, that is the best time to give him freedom in the house for a while. But you should always keep an eye on him until he is house trained whenever he is not in his crate.

Using The Crate When You Go Out

Whenever you need to go out or can’t keep an eye on him, you should put him into his crate. In the beginning you need to get him used to the crate and build positive associations with it. You do this by calling him near to crate and giving him a few treats. Then show him a treat and put it just inside the crate. Then throw treats further inside until he is completely inside.

Then you can shut the crate for a few seconds and then open again. Increase the time you shut it for gradually.

It’s best not to put any bedding material in the crate because absorbent material may encourage him to pee in there. Place the crate in an area where you and the family members spend a lot of time, so that he doesn’t feel too isolated when in his crate.

Don’t think that putting him in his crate is like a punishment. Puppies and dogs actually like a cosy den once they are familiar with it. Don’t humanise animals and think that because you wouldn’t like it, they will not like it.

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