Marissa’s Doxie Haven


Breed: Dachshund


Sex:   M   F


DATE OF BIRTH:_________________________________


COLOR/DESCRIPTION OF PUPPY:__________________________________________________________






PURCHASE DATE:___________________________


PURCHASE AMOUNT:_______________________________








Health Contract


Marissa’s Doxie Haven will guarantee the Puppy from a fatal or life threatening genetic disorder, up to one (1) year of age. Buyer has the option to take the puppy to his/her Licensed Veterinarian within two (2) business days of purchase to have puppy examined. Should puppy be unable to be a pet/companion, a written report from Buyers Licensed Veterinarian must be supplied to Breeder within thirty (30) days of purchase.


Breeder has the option to have puppy examined by a Licensed Veterinarian to confirm findings. In the case the puppy has a genetic disorder and is unable to be a pet/companion, Breeder will replace the puppy in the event of a return, with another puppy of the same sex from a similar litter when available of equal or lesser value. At no time will the breeder be responsible for any vet or shipping fees incurred for the return or replacement of the puppy. If Buyer does not elect to accept the replacement puppy this contract is void. NO CASH REFUNDS!!


Breeder assumes no liability for viruses, parasites (internal or external) or bacteria’s after puppy leaves the breeder. Buyer agrees to continue to follow a vaccination and de-worming routine after purchase. If death occurs during the guarantee period, Breeder requires a Necropsy (animal autopsy) for verification of cause of death by a License Veterinarian at Buyer’s expense.


If at any point the said pup is not wanted, you are going to sell it, or you can no longer care for the said pup, the dog MUST be returned to the Breeder at complete expense to the Buyer. In these cases, NO monetary refund or replacement puppy is due unless at the discretion of the Breeder. Breeder may allow dog to be placed up for adoption by the Buyer, but the Breeder MUST be contacted first and give approval of adoption/sale.


Seller does not guarantee the size, color, coat, or future breeding ability (if purchased with full registration) of puppy. Seller gives the best estimate known based on parent’s size. Seller is not liable for alopecia or any other skin or coat problems, as it can appear at any time. Breeder also does not cover against hernias as they can appear at any time.


If you purchased your puppy with full AKC registration privileges you will have the right to show or breed your puppy. You agree to not breed this puppy until a minimum of 8 months of age for females and 7 months of age for males per AKC rule standards. Breeding before the above time requirement nullifies all health guarantees.


*I require that my name “MDH” (Marissa’s Doxie Haven) MUST be first on said puppies AKC papers, if this is not done AKC will be contacted and mailed a copy of this contract and will be asked to correct the issue. So please show my breeding program the respect and give us credit for our lines that we worked so hard to build. *


If there are any disagreements or discrepancies, they must be handled in the state of Pennsylvania and the county of Northampton, at the Buyers expense in regards to all legal fees.


I, the BUYER, have read this contract carefully and fully understand that it is a legally binding contract:


Marissa’s Doxie Haven


Sellers Signature:_______________________________________________________________________




Buyer’s Signature:______________________________________________________________________






City, State, Zip:_________________________________________________________________________


Phone #________________________________ Cell #_________________________________________


Email Address:_________________________________________________________________________















SEX:  M   F


                                             DATE OF BIRTH:____________________________



Is hereby sold to:






City, State, Zip:_________________________________________________________________________


Phone #_________________________________ Cell #________________________________________


Cost of spay/neutering if not already accomplished is to be paid by the Buyer. Proof of alteration by a Licensed Veterinarian should be mailed to the seller at the above listed address. It is hereby agreed by both Buyer and Seller that the above mentioned animal shall have spaying or neutering preformed within 6 months or the dog shall revert back to the Seller without question. The Buyer who defaults on this contract is also liable for the expense of repossessing the animal in question, to include traveling expenses, sheriff and court costs and hereby agrees to such by signing this contract.


Above conditions agreed to by Buyer and Seller.


Buyer’s Signature:_____________________________________________________________________________




Seller’s Signature:______________________________________________________________________



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