Upcoming Litters

*I have the right to first pick of all upcoming litters!!*



All payments accepted through PayPal. 4% fee applies!!


~NEW POLICY**I DO require a deposit to be placed on my waiting lists. Waiting list deposits are $400 + fee. I have found that in the past that people want to be on the waiting list then never commit. So to make it fair to everyone I now require a deposit. If for some reason the pup you are looking for isn’t born your deposit can go towards a future litter. Picks are made in order of deposits received. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE!**

Please know before placing a deposit I CAN NOT guarantee litter size, a certain coat, color,  pattern, or gender will be born. Also know that some breedings don’t take!!

Waiting List

(In order of deposits received)

1. Me (I always have first pick of all litters)

2. Brian D. – smooth female

3. Antoinette H. – dapple male longhair

4. Jeanne Z. – longhair

5. Janine J. – female longhair

6. Linda L. – smooth male



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 *Future Breedings*

This is some of our future breedings. This could change at anytime.


Custard X Rolo

Custard is due in heat anytime after June. She will hopefully be bred to Rolo. We could be expecting ee creams, black/creams, choc/creams, issy/creams, blue/creams, dapples, piebalds, dapple piebalds, in all smooth coats. (Rolo does NOT carry the longhair gene so all pups will be smooth!) 







Mylee X Theo (Stud Service)

Mylee is due in heat around Sept. If all goes well she will hopefully be bred to Theo. We could be expecting creams, black/creams, possible choc/creams, dapples, in all longhair.





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