Puppy Visitation Policy

Puppy Visitation Policy

Please understand this is our home and we are a very busy family. Therefore puppy visits will be strictly by appointment and for serious Buyers ONLY. No “lookers” please. We will need to schedule in advance as we are not always available. We are strict with the rules of visits for the health of our puppies. Newborn puppies in our home are very susceptible to disease/viruses and it is our job to protect them.

* Puppies will start vaccinations at 6 weeks of age. No puppies under this age can be visited. We can however provide photos and/or video.

*We will only accept visits for coming to place a deposit on a puppy or visiting a puppy that you have already made deposit on. Serious Buyers ONLY. No visits for people “just looking” because chances are if you are just looking, you have visited other places with puppies (breeders, pet shops, vet offices, shelters). Disease can be brought into our home on shoes, clothing, hands, etc.

* Please do not visit our home if you have visited another place. If this is the case, please go shower and change clothing (including shoes) before coming. Please be respectful with our rules. Our puppies health depends on

* We do NOT allow other pets to be brought into our home. This upsets our mother dogs, puppies, and other dogs. It can also bring in germs/viruses around the newborn pups.

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